Kindness…the Real American Spirit

I would like to acknowledge an act of kindness that happened to me, especially in light of the seeming non-stop climate of incited division of people for the sake of gaining political power. Driving to Sterling Supply, Inc. in Minneapolis to pick up some mold-making materials, about 2 blocks away I got a flat tire.Continue reading “Kindness…the Real American Spirit”

From Harold Speed on Art and Beauty

An artist friend posted on facebook this insightful quote from “The Practise and Science of Drawing” by Harold Speed, which was the text we studied at The Atelier LeSueur and likely used at most Ateliers….an excellent book to help learn the art of drawing: The search for this inner truth is the search for beauty.Continue reading “From Harold Speed on Art and Beauty”

About Futuristic Visonary Architecture

Have you ever noticed how visions of future cities and their architecture almost always seem to embrace an aesthetic that looks like rocketships turned into buildings, or other forms of smooth-planed abstractions that seem machine made but never humanly crafted? Sometimes these visions drape building surfaces with lush plant life, a fantasy that plants willContinue reading “About Futuristic Visonary Architecture”

Emerging From a Blog Hiatus

It may be acknowledged that the soul of an artist is more sensative than usual as regards to being open and receiving perceptions from Spirit, from nature, and from the world we live in. I know I’m not alone among my fellow artists in having been deeply affected by the barrage of unsettling negative eventsContinue reading “Emerging From a Blog Hiatus”

Children and Visual Patterns

Children learn in many ways, a powerful one being to absorb visual patterns in the environment. As children try to discover their identity, the environment provides information to assist in that process; language, social cues, emotional states of those around them, and sensory information including visual. Having heightened sensitivity and given that identity-forming is aContinue reading “Children and Visual Patterns”

Building a new website

Please bear with me as I build a new website. Website building is not my specialty. My previous website became unusable and then vanished into hyperspace, so I find myself having to figure this out from scratch with the help of fine folks at Meanwhile, you can contact me at: if you wouldContinue reading “Building a new website”