A Note on Process

In describing how the design came to be for my recent bronze receptacle for an Eternal Flame candle holder (see Architectural Elements page), it became clear that what is taken for granted as an approach is not necessarily how others work, so I thought a note about it may provide some insight.

Commissioned works are created after I first engage mind and energies in deep thought about many factors and gather as much information as relevant regarding theme, site, client and/or audience aspirations, lighting, weather if applicable, maintenance, historical or cultural significance, and on. I may have some ideas beginning to form, but in fact most design solutions come directly as a vision after trying to tune into what belongs there (if the “there” is known). Sometimes standing at a site is sufficient for the design to appear in my mind. On occasion there is not a specific site determined, which then opens up other possibilities.

I can design conceptually from ideas or mental constructs , but I like it best when, in a relaxed meditative space, ideas appear as visions fully formed. Then the challenge is to remember the details well enough to sketch and translate them into physical form. The vision always seems grander than what is possible to achieve given human limitations. I just do my best to stay true to the spirit of the vision if not the fullness of every detail so elusive when trying to draw down from Spirit into phyiscal reality.

By the nature of Art, beginning efforts are rough and seeming far removed from the outcome. Were anyone to see those stages they likely would not catch the vision. As it progresses it gets closer to the vision, which is when it becomes especially exciting to work on. Fine tuning the nuance of detail is an excercise in loving patience, and often a deeply spiritual experience. At last, it becomes a matter of deciding to let go and realize, “I’ve done all I can, now release it into the world”

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