Celtic Harp

I fell in love with the sound of the Celtic harp when a roommate in college played a Patrick Ball harp tape. Then I discovered the music of Kim Robertson, and that decided me on learning to play. Prior to that I had some experience on piano and drums. I bought and assembled a harp kit and taught myself to play ( by ear…not a music reader). In 1992 I made the harp in these photos from scratch with the basic shape gleaned from a photo, and then carved as seen. In the last decade I gained the confidence to share the beauty of this music with public performance. I’ve done a number of weddings, played at assisted living centers, a wake, a monthly performance at a regional treatment center, church services, and special events. Add the unique, peaceful, healing sound of the Celtic harp to your special event. My rate is $100 per hour plus traveling expense if outside of the Twin cities metro area. Contact: greatart@skypoint.com

Here are links to two video clips from Father’s Day, 2019 when I performed offertory music and communion music during a church service:



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