Kindness…the Real American Spirit

I would like to acknowledge an act of kindness that happened to me, especially in light of the seeming non-stop climate of incited division of people for the sake of gaining political power. Driving to Sterling Supply, Inc. in Minneapolis to pick up some mold-making materials, about 2 blocks away I got a flat tire. In the cold rain I changed the tire, only to discover that the small spare, which is supsended underneath the car, was nearly flat. After driving the remaining 2 blocks, the spare was completely flat. While making my purchase, I asked the saleman if there was a nearby gas station, explaining my situation. He said they had a portable air compressor which he would bring out when I went to the back to load my materials. The effort to fill the spare did not work, because the rim/tire seal had opened from the pressure of driving it while flat. By this time 1 or 2 other workers joined us. One came back out with a cinchable strap and used it to compress the tire until the gap was sealed, and then the tire was inflateable, problem solved. This all took over 20 minutes to figure out and solve, in the wet 34 degree cold weather. These guys at Sterling Supply took time out of their day and work to help me instead of just directing me to the nearest gas station. I think that represents the American spirit a lot better than do self-serving politicians. God Bless America!

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