Emerging From a Blog Hiatus

It may be acknowledged that the soul of an artist is more sensative than usual as regards to being open and receiving perceptions from Spirit, from nature, and from the world we live in. I know I’m not alone among my fellow artists in having been deeply affected by the barrage of unsettling negative events that the year 2020 brought us, including so much of daily life that we have experienced all our lives suddenly and often arbitrarily being shut down over real or imagined fears. Many including myself had their livelihoods threatened or curtailed without recourse. It goes against my grain to seek outside help for that which I can do on my own. A fortuitously timed commission helped, and then finding things I could part with, rather than looking for “free” money from the gov’t, was how I made it through in a material sense. On other levels, it was not always as smooth as desired. The heaviness made it difficult to find that joyful, natural creative space almost taken for granted that allows my best work to flourish. And as apparent on this website, I did not write blogs. ..did not want to verbally express reactions to the tulmult on the world stage, as if doing so would give it even more power to have a negative impact. I try to stay positive and a calm in the storm.
Writing today on facebook about architectural aesthics reminded me that I should share thoughts again here on my own blog page, and so….I’m back!

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