Lady Portia, Goddess of Justice

I designed this law office center and landscape. In the front, the owner originally wanted a lily pool, but suddenly decided a statue of justice with water coming from the scales would work better. Since I was also the construction manager, I decided rather than to hire someone else, I would sculpt her myself! A bold move, as I had not sculpted anything before, but we both were pleased with the results.

Creating this was an incredible life-changing experience, learning something completely new as I went, but seeming very familiar as well. I decided during this process to pursue art as a career and found the best training I could to help develop as an artist. This lead me to study drawing and painting at an Atelier for 1 1/2  years, where I also taught an architecture class while studying art.


Client... McCullough, Smith and Wright Law Office 

Bronze Life Size Statue/Fountain