Figure Painting

Painting for me began as a way to become a better sculptor, but the more I did it, the more I valued the opportunity to communicate ideas and express beauty in ways that sculpture could not. Now I divide my time between creating sculptures, bas-reliefs, painting murals, portraits and landscapes.

Copy of a work by

W. A. Bouguereau


Maud and Ballington Booth




Copy of a work by

W. A. Bouguereau





 "The Kimono"




"Just Ask" (work in progress)



Unlocking the 

Mysteries of Creation


Copy of "Young Woman

Defending Herself Against Eros"




 "What I have Been Waiting to Tell You"






"Athena, Defender of Truth"



"Taking Soil Samples"


"Adam's Research"


Copy of Perrault Painting